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TODAY Calendar 2021

Your life one day at a time…

TODAY Calendar 2021 is a daily tear-off calendar that will support you on your journey in enjoying life! It offers different activities for body and mind – it will help you practice your self-reflection, live in a harmony with nature, understand the stars and feel the power of kindness. In addition, you’ll be able to learn new recipes and get to know new yoga positions!

TODAY Calendar was created by Polish designers, craft makers, yoga teachers, food lovers, but mostly…friends! 

It is perfect for making the gift that keeps on giving all year. 

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2020 was a year of reflection – many of us were forced to slow down their lives and think about their health. Some of us had a chance to look closer at our relationships and spend more time with our families. Others had to spend long periods of time only with themselves, alone with their thoughts and emotions, missing contact with other human beings.

Closed in our homes we were all missing a direct contact with nature – for many citizens, forests and parks became the only places they could activate their bodies and enjoy breathing fresh air. Sitting at home thought us many new skills though – we became more independent, we learned to fix things, we discovered our culinary talents (often trying to cook using leftovers we had at home), we started eating healthy, we took better care of our day organization. Some of us even started working out regularly!

We don’t know what 2021 brings, but we are sure that each day should be appreciated and spent in good relations with ourselves and others. We created TODAY calendar to help you become a better person and take better care of yourself. We will bring you new ideas on how to spend more time with nature, what to cook, how to keep calm, try new yoga positions, keep good relations with others and understand astrological dependencies. Let’s start appreciating everyday! Come and join us in this journey!

Product dimensions: 9 cm x 12 cm x 5 cm

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Weight 0.25 kg

Tear-off day cards and activities to collect for other occasions. You can even frame your favorite ones!


There are two ways of mounting the calendar:
1) Unfoldable paper back support allows you to put it on your desk or kitchen counter.
2) Perforated paper back makes it possible to hang it on the wall or on your cork board.


Printed locally in Poland.


Certified ecological paper and production: Igepa UPM Book Creamy 2.0v 70 g/m2 & Pop Set 270 g/m2.


Only 1000 printed copies.


9 cm x 12 cm x 5 cm